About Me

I'm Hester Aira.

I've been working as a healer, spiritual advisor and spiritual teacher for years.

I can help you to communicate with Spiritual Beings to receive the guidance you need to achieve improvements in all aspects of your life to move forward in your path.

For many years, I worked as a translator and as an artist, but I quit everything to devote myself fully to my purpose: healing and expansion of consciousness.

Eternal student of the Occult and Hierophant Priestess of the Goddess, my work is framed within the Western Tradition.

I offer services both in English and Spanish, in person or at a distance.

Let me tell you a bit about my story ...

My mother is a medium and a healer, my maternal grandmother was a healer and my paternal grandmother was a medium. Apparently I had good odds to have a special sensitivity - and that was the way it was - but I didn't feel like it: I preferred to be a "normal" child.

As a teenager, although I did not want to have anything to do with the invisible or spiritual worlds and I wanted to go on my own path. My mother did not stop training me and thanks to her perseverance I maintained a continuous private personal practice. The tradition of my mother, Estrella Vasco, and the knowledge of the spiritist Don José Mira had a great influence on my life throughout those years.

After college, my goals were focused on my professional career, but for some reason I could not stop reading on my own about Metaphysics. That allowed me to embrace Taoism, and a while after Theosophism. In short, I read everything that fell into my hands about both Eastern and Western Traditions.

In 2007, I was still determined to dedicate myself to my career, but life had other plans for me. A Master appeared on my path and nothing was the same anymore. Everything I chose to deny as a child was there again, and it became very difficult to escape from who I really was. Being close to Daniel Chumillas at that time was truly inspiring, a strong support and a great help.

Finally, in 2010 an important turning point came and I left my previous life to dedicate myself completely to healing and mediumship. Of course, since then I have continued taking training in different traditions and disciplines, in different schools or organizations and with different teachers.

I keep taking courses and I do not think I'll ever finish studying, practicing or learning. Everything I know is not enough because I have committed myself to continue going beyond and beyond and that is what really counts.

FOI (Fellowship of Isis)

I have been part of the FOI since 2011. Lady Carolina A. Amor was my teacher and mentor during all my training and up till this day she is still my counselor and I continue to honor her. I could not have become the woman I am without her. At the beginning of 2013 she consecrated me as Priestess of the Goddess and at the end of 2014 as a Hierophant Priestess. Also, in 2013 I created the Isadora Iseum, which in 2014 became a Lyceum. For several years, Isadora allowed me to do a wonderful dissemination work and I trained new Priestesses. Currently Isadora has no public activity.

CoH (Covenant of Hekate)

In 2013 I joined the Covenant, becoming one of their Torchbearers and the head of the Sanctuary of Hekate Angelos. In 2015, I left the group to follow my magical path with Hekate. I greatly appreciate the work, the teachings and the support of Tara Sanchez at that time and even today.


Since I was consecrated as a Priestess, I decided to devote myself more in depth to Magick. Alchemy, the Mysteries of Isis and Hekate took me to the Western Tradition to form myself in Theurgy, High Magic and Hermeticism. Franz Bardon's books represented a before and after in my way of approaching magical practice. After reading and studying a lot about magick, practicing, practicing and practicing, and preparing myself conscientiously to enter in a Mystic Order, in 2016 I found the book "The Sorcerer's Secrets. Strategies in Practical Magick" by Jason Miller. That changed everything. I continued with my studies and practices, but the Order was not for me, or at least not that one.

SoH (Sorcery of Hekate)

In 2018 I joined Jason Miller's "Sorcery of Hekate" courses and I feel incredibly blessed because I've finally found the magical system I've been looking for since I left the CoH.